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About Arlington Democrats

Who We Are

An inclusive community, dedicated to honest, effective government that works for all people, invests wisely in our future, and protects everyone’s rights. There are no requirements or fees to join – all Democrats in Arlington, Virginia are welcome!

Our Mission

To increase the number of Democratic elected officials at the local, state and national level. We are proud that Democrats serve in nearly every elected office in Arlington, as well as at the State and Federal level. Our Democratic office holders are on the Arlington County Board, the Arlington School Board, the Arlington Constitutional Offices, and all the Arlington seats in the Virginia House of Delegates and the State Senate.

Arlington County Democratic Committee

The Arlington County Democratic Committee is the official local Democratic organization for the Democratic Party of Virginia. The Arlington County Democratic Committee consists of our local Democratic elected officials, elected and appointed steering committee officers, members of the 8th District Democratic Committee and precinct captains.

Monthly Meetings

Arlington Democrats meets on the first Wednesday of every month at a metro-accessible or virtual location. Our monthly meetings are open to all Democrats, so please come join us. All meetings begin promptly at 7:00 pm and conclude by 9:00 pm. There is usually a program on a topic of interest to local Democrats, and brief remarks by some of our local elected officials and Democratic candidates. You can get more information about the monthly meetings in the latest newsletter or by signing up online for notifications. Meeting details and locations are also always posted in our online calendar.

Arlington Democrats Leadership

The Steering Committee of the Arlington Democrats is comprised of the elected or appointed party officers whose terms run until December. The steering committee acts as the executive committee for the full Arlington Democrats and reports to the Arlington Democrats on any action items or business. The full Arlington Democrats votes on the recommendations of the steering committee. The Eighth District Democratic Committee is comprised of Democrats elected from the various jurisdictions that reside in the 8th Congressional District of Virginia, Arlington and Fairfax Counties, and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church. These members represent our congressional district at the state meetings of the Democratic Party of Virginia. 

Arlington Young Democrats

An important partner of the Arlington Democratic Committee is the Arlington Young Democrats (known as AYDs). This organization is affiliated with the Virginia Young Democrats and the Young Democrats of America. Membership is open to those ages 18 to 35 (associate memberships available for those who are “young at heart” ). The AYDs elect a representative who serves on the Arlington Democrats Steering Committee. Many AYDs are both Arlington Democrats members and AYD activists. AYDs provides a great way for young adults to become involved in Arlington Democratic politics and civic activities. Click below to learn more about the AYDs. Visit the Arlington Young Democrats Website

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