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From Arlington Election Office: 2017 Elections

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June 13, 2017 Primary Elections – Democratic and Republican primaries, for the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. More specific information will be available by late March.

November 7, 2017 General Election – on the ballot are:

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Virginia House of Delegates (45th, 47th, 48th, and 49th Districts)
  • County Board
  • School Board


Arlington Democrats School Board and County Board Caucus:

School Board

James Lander

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For the past seven years as your school board member, I have advocated consistently for improving and expanding academic programs for all students. Through my experience and leadership I will continue to prioritize instruction ensuring Arlington Public Schools continues to provide a world-class education that empowers every child to succeed, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender, language, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

I am seeking your support and your vote for reelection to the Arlington School Board because I want to continue to be a passionate advocate for under represented families and communities that depend on our public schools to deliver on their promise of high expectations for every child. Through my service to our community, I have been successful with engaging, listening, and involving more diverse families and civic leaders in the ongoing discussion of student achievement and enrollment growth. In collaboration with my County Board colleagues, I am leading our short-term priority; providing 5,000 seats of additional capacity at every grade level over the next ten years, and our long-term planning to provide families with consistent and equitable access to neighborhood and option programs.

Encouraging and supporting families to become more active in their child’s educational journey is my foundation for implementation and funding of Minority Achievement Specialists in the classroom at the elementary school level, a Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, mentoring programs for middle school boys and girls, and the expansion of Career and Technical Education programs, project-based learning for students. In leadership roles on the board, my priority remains quality instruction for every child, while also strategically using our limited resources to address rapid enrollment growth. Previously as Chair, I lowered the cost per pupil by hundreds of dollars.

My record on the school board reinforces the principles of good governance and vibrant public schools. I’m committed to our shared values — not just in my words, but also in my actions.

To meet the challenges of today and in the future we need an experienced, responsive, dedicated leader. I am that leader!

You have honored me with you trust on two previous occasions and I thank you for your support and encouragement along this journey. I ask you now for your support and your vote to continue my elected service to our wonderful community.

Maura McMahon

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The election of Donald Trump and appointment of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education pose a serious threat to the backbone of the American experience – a quality public education for every child. These unfortunate developments, along with our County’s continued growth, requires our School Board to change the way it goes about maintaining Arlington’s reputation for educational excellence.

We need a School Board that employs responsive leadership and the ability to adapt to the changing demands of our system; a Board willing and able to engage in difficult conversations; a Board with the courage to make decisions that reflect an unyielding commitment to our democratic values of opportunity, diversity, inclusivity, and equality.

Despite the outstanding education APS provides, I believe a lack of vision for our vastly growing system and a Band-Aid approach to problem-solving has exacerbated inequities in our system. It has led to missed opportunities to address a capacity crisis effectively and efficiently; to uphold our principles of diversity and inclusivity; to ensure accessibility of opportunities for all students; and to minimize disparities between students and between schools.

Arlington Public Schools is not the same system it was five or ten years ago, and it will keep changing as Arlington continues to grow. Thinking and decision-making of the past no longer suit our present needs, and will not best prepare us for our future. We need fresh thinking!

My husband, Michael, and I chose to live in Arlington largely due to the reputation and quality of Arlington schools. Our daughter Sarah is a 4th grader at Barcroft, and our son Ian is a 6th grader at Jefferson.

I have been actively involved in our schools for 7 years, having served as PTA Vice President, Odyssey of the Mind Coordinator, and in other volunteer roles. For three years, I have been actively advocating specifically on behalf of equality, opportunity, and a comprehensive view for strategic solutions. My perspective and knowledge of our schools has expanded through my participation in the Thomas Jefferson and South Arlington Working Groups, and on the County Council of PTAs Executive Board.

As your school board member, I will bring responsive leadership, fresh thinking, a long-term view for decision-making, and a new focus for how APS strives to meet the needs of every student. I am eager to serve Arlington as a member of the School Board. I humbly ask for your vote in May.

Monique O’Grady

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I am Monique O’Grady. After years of volunteering and serving in our community and Arlington Public Schools (APS), I am proud to seek the Democratic endorsement for Arlington School Board.

I am running to ensure that as we deal with the capacity challenges APS stays focused on its students. I also want to help APS ensure there is a love of learning for ALL students. When we love what we do, we try harder and we succeed. I will work to fulfill this goal by focusing on the ABCs: Academics, Boundaries, Capacity & Communication.

Academics. Instruction must be put first. When construction strategies are separated from instructional goals we are not strategic in helping make the best academic decisions for our students.

Boundaries. We can respect communities while embracing diversity when we consider school boundary changes. We can help make sure APS students are ready to succeed in a multicultural world by creating and supporting diversity in our schools.

Capacity & Communication. The School Board must work more closely with the County Board to get in front of our challenging capacity crunch. Furthermore, we need to expand effective communication with our students, teachers and community.

I am a passionate 25-year Arlington resident, 19-year APS parent, longtime community advocate, and communications professional. My husband Mike and I live in Arlington Heights where we have raised three children – two are Washington-Lee graduates and our youngest is a 7th grader at Gunston Middle School.
My motivation for running for School Board is built upon years of advocacy for our children. I have a proven track record of bringing people together and creating solutions.

I have worked inside schools and across the APS system to bring positive change for students, teachers and the greater community. I’ve led a PTA organization and served on several critically important Arlington Public Schools committees that helped shape boundaries, educational, and capacity priorities. I am proud to have been recognized by the Arlington School Board with an Honored Citizen Award and asked to co-chair the successful 2016 Bond Campaign.

I believe that my experience coupled with my dedication to ensuring a love of learning for all will allow me to be a successful member of the School Board serving the residents of Arlington County.

Learn more about me at www.MoniqueOGrady.org. Twitter and Facebook @ Monique4APS. I hope to earn your vote on May 9, 11 or 13.


County Board

Vivek Patil

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18 years ago, I made the journey to the United States. As you might imagine, moving from Mumbai to Memphis is quite the culture shock. During this time, my fondest memories were of the community I found here; the compassion and openness of the people around me.

As an immigrant, the learning curve was steep but I was fortunate to experience the generosity inherently part of our American values. Values that I experience every day in Arlington, and the foundation of our community.

With an eye towards creating a more cohesive community, a group of volunteers and I started the Building Bridges Outreach Initiative. Since then, we’ve met with residents across Arlington, listening to stories of hope, success, challenge and hardship. I’ve encountered communities that feel left out and that they don’t have a seat at the table. This campaign is inspired by these stories and needs.

Of course, while inequities exist in Arlington, so do the ingredients for diversified and equitable growth. Our community can and should be a place where opportunity is made available to all Arlingtonians.

So, how do we achieve this?

By thinking critically and innovatively about our young people. By working with our school board and educators to address educational resource issues, school capacity and opening new pathways from a high-quality public school education to employment.

We have an obligation to encourage high-tech jobs creating industries to come to Arlington and stay in Arlington, balanced with opportunities for small business growth in low income communities. We can empower our next generation of entrepreneurs to create a robust startup culture right here in our community.

This culture of innovation can have spillover effects, shaping our community for the better. It means transforming our multi-modal transportation infrastructure and creatively addressing housing affordability for both families and our elderly residents that are aging in place.

Our community has talent that is unparalleled. Let’s tap into this resource by bringing together different voices, harnessing the creativity that Arlington has to offer. Arlington only succeeds when all Arlingtonians can succeed.

I am truly proud to live in Arlington. Despite the divisive discourse that afflicts our politics today, I want to remind you that I am running for Arlington County Board only because of the generosity, kindness and compassion of people like you, in this community and across our country.

Kim Klingler

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I am running for Arlington County Board because over the past 15 years, I have been working in our community as a first responder, volunteer tutor, Arlington commission chair, and as president of my civic association. I am ready to meet our challenges and will work every day to keep Arlington safe, diverse, and forward thinking.

Like many Arlingtonians, I grew up elsewhere. I moved around a lot as a child in a military family, but always tried to plant my roots wherever we made our home. I’m grateful for the opportunity that our travels provided me; I experienced many schools and met people from all over the country with diverse backgrounds and customs. Throughout my childhood, I participated in competitive gymnastics and community service, like the Key Club, both of which helped me find a connection to my new communities.

After graduating from JMU in 2001, I moved to Arlington and it became my true home. And, as I have in every place, I have lived my passion for community and public service throughout my years as an Arlingtonian. When I first moved here, my career required me to travel a lot. Despite the travel, I still made it a priority to become involved and to put down roots in my new community. When I wasn’t travelling, I spent my time volunteering with a Head Start program in Ballston.
In late 2004 I made a career change and took a position at the National Cancer Institute. Also that year, having been a former Key Clubber, I made it a priority to join the Arlington Kiwanis Club. The Arlington Kiwanis chapter immediately welcomed me and introduced me to so many other opportunities for community service in Arlington.

Community service has always been important to me, but I have also been drawn to the importance of public service. Whether serving as chair of the Arlington Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission, as the current president of the Leeway-Overlee Civic Association, or being an EMT with the Falls Church Volunteer Fire Department, I have made service to others a priority in my life.

As a County Board member, I will build on my experience. I will work to ensure emergency services arrive within four minutes after dialing 911. I will make smart zoning decisions so people of all income levels can afford to live in our community and build meaningful regional partnerships to meet shared goals despite tighter budgets. Together, we will keep Arlington the safe, diverse, and forward-thinking community we love. I ask for your vote in the caucus.

Erik Gutshall

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Statement

I’m Erik Gutshall, I am focused on the future, and I’m asking for your support to be the next member of the Arlington County Board. When my wife and I moved to Lyon Park in 1995, we didn’t expect to stay long, but like many of you, we quickly fell in love with our new community. Impressed by what Arlington county and schools offered, we put down roots, and are raising our three wonderful daughters here. We learned that Arlington’s success story was written by ordinary citizens, with shared values, working together to tackle the challenges of their day. Wanting to give back, I volunteered with my civic association, a local family shelter, and eventually our planning and transportation commissions. I have met so many great people that I know we can tackle the challenges of tomorrow if we work together. But as a small business owner, I also know that if you don’t innovate, you stagnate. Our values haven’t changed, but our solutions have to.

As a parent of three APS students, I know how important solving the capacity crisis is to Arlington’s future. Last year I lobbied for the Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JAFC) because the School Board and County Board must work together to squeeze the most from our limited space and dollars. On the Board, I will work with the JFAC to look for creative solutions like reimagining a vacant office building as a school on the lower floors and a senior center above.

I also know the anxiety of a parent who wonders if his daughters will be able to afford to make Arlington their home. I will use my planning and zoning experience to create neighborhood-scale “Missing Middle” housing along our transportation corridors. The market will create this housing without taxpayer money, and we can keep young families starting out, empty nesters, and everyone in between from being priced out of Arlington.

Our progressive values are ones of shared prosperity with an economy that works for everyone. I will make targeted investments to help our entrepreneurs and innovators grow and create a thriving, diversified economy freed from dependence on the federal sector. Combined with my small business fiscal discipline, this economy for all will allow us to keep taxes low.

My deep and broad experience, and my perspective as a small business owner, qualifies me to be your next board member. I hope you will make me your number one choice. To learn how I am focused on the future, please visit Erik4Arlington.com. Voting is on May 9, 11, and 13.

Peter Fallon

Website | Facebook | Statement

Jay Fisette has earned the thanks of every Arlingtonian for his long legacy of service and leadership. Jay got things done because he believed every resident deserved his equal effort.

I’m running for County Board because we must maintain and grow that civic spirit. Arlington is a strong and resilient community, but we face urgent challenges, both on policy and on vision. No one can replace Jay, but his legacy deserves an experienced successor who shares the long view of moving Arlington forward in a responsible and collaborative way.

Every election matters. Just think back to November. We don’t need any more evidence that our leaders have a real influence on our daily life. The County Board will need to stand up not only to micromanaging threats from Washington, but increasingly disruptive Republicans in Richmond.

I believe we can do that while still advancing our community vision for a progressive and vibrant county. After 25 years of community involvement as a Planning Commissioner, Transportation Commissioner and advocate for affordable housing and our schools, I’ve seen just about every policy fight Arlington offers, and I’ve worked to guide us down the right path. That experience within the community made me a better person and a more capable advocate.

Like many Arlingtonians, I came for the community and stayed for the schools. Our schools are the engine that drives the county economically and culturally. More than that, they’re proof that public schools work. They are our clear statement that government works. As a part of the Planning Commission, I took an active role in planning, building and maintaining our world-class educational facilities while respecting our budget and the competing interests of community groups.

You can see my record reflected in our community: over my years on Arlington Commissions and Task Forces, I’ve helped build six schools, three major parks and over 1,000 units of committed affordable housing. I feel a connection and responsibility to people whose lives have improved because of those projects, even though they may not know me.

I encourage you to learn more about how I’ll approach the issues facing Arlington at my website, www.FallonforCountyBoard.org.

I’ll be making calls and knocking doors to earn your support on May 9th, 11th and 13th because I know we can continue to build the Arlington our community wants. We may have to fight for our values, but I welcome the opportunity. Our community is worth fighting for.


Primary Election on Tuesday, June 13:


Ralph Northam

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Tom Perriello

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Lieutenant Governor


Justin Fairfax

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Gene Rossi

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Susan Platt

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General Election November 7, 2017:

Attorney General


Mark Herring

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House of Delegates

45-Mark Levine

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47-Patrick Hope

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48-Rip Sullivan

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49-Alfonso Lopez

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