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UPDATED: 2024 Delegate Selection and Call to Caucus for the 8th Congressional District and State Democratic Conventions

Updated: Apr 18

Update: The caucus previously scheduled for Monday, April 22nd at Lubber Run Community Center for the purpose of electing Arlington delegates to the 8th District Convention and DPVA State Convention is cancelled. As of the filing deadline, April 15 at 5:00 pm, we had 56 people file for delegate, fewer than the number we were allocated and therefore no election is needed. Everyone who filed as of the deadline is automatically a delegate for the 8th district convention on May 18. 


File for State Delegate or Alternate. If you wish to attend the 8th Congressional District and State Democratic Conventions, you must file to be a State Delegate or Alternate by Monday, April 15 at 5pm. 


File for National Delegate or Alternate. If you wish to attend the National Democratic Convention in Chicago, you must file to be a District-Level or At-Large National Delegate or Alternate by Friday, May 3 at 5pm (for District-Level) or Thursday, May 30 at 5pm (for At-Large).


Convention Dates:

8th District Democratic Convention: Sat., May 18, 2024, Alexandria, VA

Virginia Democratic Convention: Sat., June 22, 2024, Richmond, VA

National Democratic Convention: August 19–22, 2024, Chicago, IL


Questions? For more information on our delegate selection process, please see Arlington Dems' Call to Caucus and 8th Congressional District Dems' Call to Convention or contact our Chair, Steve Baker at

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