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Add your name to the petition to expose Medicare Advantage deception!

Updated: Jan 21

Medicare Advantage is NOT Medicare.

Medicare Advantage is not Medicare. It is a low-cost FOR-PROFIT private-sector alternative that often denies care that would have otherwise been covered by traditional Medicare.

More than 30 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans which, unlike traditional Medicare, typically require prior authorization that can delay or even deny medically necessary care and restrict beneficiaries to certain doctors within their network.

The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, which was the catalyst for the surge in Medicare Advantage participation, was a Republican led effort to subtly privatize Medicare, one step at a time.

FIGHT BACK! Sign the petition to oppose deceptive practices of Medicare Advantage plans and expand traditional Medicare!

Some hospitals no longer take Medicare Advantage plans because they can’t afford to chase all the denials of care. A survey of medical group practices found 97 percent of them had patients experience delays or denials for medically necessary care.

In fact, as more unsuspecting patients are shifting to Medicare Advantage plans from Medicare, requests and subsequent delays in prior authorizations are surging. Sixty-four percent of oncologists reported cancer treatment delays due to slow prior authorization approvals.

Seniors and people with disabilities buying Medicare Advantage often think that even though they are getting coverage through an insurance company they are still in Medicare or backstopped by Medicare. They are NOT.

Patients should not be at the mercy of for-profit insurance companies that have misled them into believing they are still covered under Medicare. Sign on if you agree!

Only Medicare should be able to call itself Medicare. Let’s reclaim Medicare! -Free and Fair Democracy PAC

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