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Keep the Faith, Arlington Democrats

Below is an email sent by Arlington Democrats Chair Jill Caiazzo on Feb. 10 referencing the turmoil roiling Richmond and what our path and goals are moving forward. We're adding it to The Voice in case anyone missed it.

Arlington Democrats,

We are all struggling to deal with the disturbing news from Richmond. I have sat down to pen this email to you multiple times over the past week, only to have my sentiments overtaken by the latest news cycle. I do not know how these controversies will end.


But as I said at our monthly meeting on Wednesday, I do know that Arlington Democrats have a role to play in moving our community forward through these difficult times. We may not be able to affect the outcomes of the dramas happening in Richmond, but we can have an impact in our own community. We can reject hate and support sexual assault survivors. We can channel our collective anger that issues of racism and sexual assault still plague us into finding positive solutions for the manifestations of these issues in our own community.

We also can remember that the 2017 election was never about one or two individuals. It was about a movement of grassroots activists of all backgrounds and ages rising up to provide a badly needed course correction for our country. The rise of progressive activism was the central victory of the 2017 election. No subsequent controversy, however hurtful, can take that victory away from us. Only we have the power to do that — only we can decide whether we will allow this heartbreak also to break our activist spirit.


To that question, Arlington Democrats, I say NO. I will not allow the failings of individual leaders to dampen my activist spirit. I cannot — there is simply too much work to be done to achieve a fairer, safer and more prosperous Commonwealth. The stakes are too high. As in early 2017, I am once again picking myself up and dusting myself off. Two steps forward, one step back: it's time for the heart of the Democratic Party — its local activists — to keep moving forward again.

In that spirit, and mindful that Democrats must re-earn the trust of voters and volunteers that has been lost over the past few days, I respectfully invite you to join me at several upcoming events, detailed below. Some are organized by Arlington Democrats; others are community events. Now more than ever, we need both: to lead in our own right, and to meet our neighbors where they are. I hope that you will join me in the struggle to lead our Party, our community, and our Commonwealth forward.

In solidarity,

Jill Caiazzo Chair, Arlington Democrats

UPCOMING EVENTS (Full Details Available on the ARLDems Facebook Event Page or the calendar)

  1. Feb 10 - Arlington Democrats Listening Session on Sexual Assault | 6:30 to 8:30 pm | Arlington Mill Community Center (909 S Dinwiddie St)

  2. Feb 12 - Arlington Perennials Senior Dem Lunch | 12 to 2 pm | Busboys & Poets Shirlington (4251 Campbell Ave)

  3. Feb 13 - Arlington Committee of 100 Program on Countering Hate | 7 to 9 pm | Marymount University (2807 N Glebe Rd)

  4. Feb 14 - Arlington Historical Society Panel Discussion on Desegregation | 7 to 9 pm | Marymount University (2807 N Glebe Rd)

  5. Feb 20 - Arlington Young Democrats Monthly Meeting | 7 to 9 pm | 2200 12th Ct N

  6. Feb 23 - Arlington Feel the Heritage Festival | 1 to 6 pm | Drew Community Center (3500 23rd St S)

  7. Mar 3 - Legislative Session Debrief with Sen. Howell & Delegate Hope | 3:30 to 5:00 pm | Central Library (1015 N Quincy St)

  8. Mar 6 - Arlington Democrats Monthly Meeting | 7 to 9 pm | NRECA Building (4301 Wilson Blvd)

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