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Meet Building Ambassador of the Month Sangeeta Rao

I started volunteering with Arlington Democrats though Arlington Young Democrats when I first moved to Arlington in 2006; I've volunteered on most elections since then. 

As Building Ambassador of The Whitmore and Precinct Captain of Barcroft, I've held at least six to eight voter registration events since 2016 and organized a meet & greet with Matt de Ferranti.  Canvass-wise, I've canvassed my entire building (all 211 units) during most of the primaries, the 2016 Presidential election (and other South Arlington precincts), 2017 Governor's election, and our most recent midterms.

For Beyond Arlington, I canvassed in the 2017 special elections in the 22nd District (Lynchburg) for Ryant Washington in the middle of a snow storm and for Representative Abigail Spanberger in Henrico in our the midterms. Previously, I canvassed for President Barack Obama in Woodlawn when I lived in North Arlington.

For my day job, I'm a regional manager of a wine & spirits distributing company, so everyone knows I have the good wine at my apartment and will bring the good stuff to parties!  For fun, I often travel to see the world; last year, I traveled internationally four times. I highly enjoy music so I can be found at numerous music venues in D.C. attending a show.

Do you live in a multi-unit building in Arlington? You can sign up to be a building ambassador too! 

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