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RESOLUTION: Arlington Dems Support Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment

WHEREAS despite gains over the past century, women’s rights remain less than fully protected and women continue to face pervasive discrimination; WHEREAS fifty-one percent of Virginians and Americans are women who do not enjoy permanent, constitutional protection from this right’s infringement and discrimination; WHEREAS, without the Equal Rights Amendment, the statutes and judicial decisions that have led to major advances in women’s rights are vulnerable to being ignored, weakened, or even repealed or reversed; WHEREAS the Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced into Congress in 1921 and was passed with bipartisan support in 1972, with ratification required by 38 state legislatures. To date, 37 states have ratified the amendment; WHEREAS the Equal Rights Amendment is necessary to make our Constitution conform with the promise engraved over the entrance to the Supreme Court: “Equal Justice Under Law;” therefore be it RESOLVED, that the Arlington County Democratic Committee hereby supports the passage, ratification, and implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment so that women are guaranteed equal rights under the law and so that these rights shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State; and RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Arlington County Democratic Committee urges all members of the Arlington delegation to the Virginia General Assembly to support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in the upcoming 2019 Virginia legislative session, including through outreach to Speaker Cox, requesting that he ensure the Equal Rights Amendment receives a vote on the full House floor and that he vote in support of the amendment. Passed and Approved this Resolution on the 7th day of November, 2018. If you also want to #VAratifyERA, call your lawmakers and urge them to support the amendment. Don’t know your legislator? Find out who represents you at

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