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Resolution By The Arlington Democratic Committee Opposing Removal of Arlington Drop Boxes

Whereas expansion of the times, places, and methods of voting in recent years has fostered increased voter turnout by making the process of voting more convenient for many voters; 

Whereas making voting more convenient benefits communities by encouraging civic engagement among its citizens; 

Whereas use of drop boxes that can receive completed absentee ballots twenty-four hours per day and even days per week has been one of the innovations that has helped increase voter turnout; 

Whereas Arlington has utilized nine drop boxes in recent elections;

Whereas use of drop boxes has not been shown to enable fraud or any other harm to the integrity of the voting process, in Arlington County or elsewhere;

Whereas use of drop boxes does not impose a significant financial burden on Arlington County;

Whereas there are pending proposals to reduce the number of Arlington’s drop boxes by up to two-thirds;

Whereas reducing the number of drop boxes would likely reduce voter turnout; therefore be it

Resolved, that the Arlington County Democratic Committee supports maintenance of all nine drop boxes currently in use for the full duration of early voting and opposes efforts to reduce the number of drop boxes available to Arlington voters by any number, for any length of time.

Passed and Approved on the 2nd day of November, 2022.

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