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Urge Our Elected Officials to Condemn Indian Government Repression

Over the past several months, farmers in India and their supporters have mounted massive protests and associated strikes against a recent, hastily adopted overhaul of the nation’s agricultural distribution system. This reform threatens price protections for already impoverished farmers. The protests and associated strikes have spread throughout India and now are estimated to be the largest organized labor strike in history.

The Indian government has responded to this mass movement with excessive force, charges of sedition against protest leaders, and the arrest of journalists reporting on the protests. India is a free and democratic nation, yet its government is violating civil liberties laws in an attempt to suppress the protests.

Our senators have a responsibility to condemn these actions by the Indian government:  Senator Warner is Co-Chair of the Senate India Caucus, and Senator Kaine is one of its members. In addition, Representative Beyer represents many Arlingtonians who are deeply concerned about the Indian government’s ruthless actions.

You can help by urging our elected officials to speak out against the repression of civil liberties in India.

Proposed script: I urge you publicly to condemn the actions of the Indian government in attempting to suppress protests and strikes against recent agricultural reforms. The Indian government should honor the rights of its citizens to free speech, free assembly, and peaceful protest.

Email Sen. Mark Warner at

Email Sen. Tim Kaine at

Email Rep. Don Beyer at

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