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Arlington Democrats Sweep Local Elections, Help Win Democratic Victories in General Assembly


November 7, 2023

Press Contact: Paul Ruiz, Communications Chair, communications@arldemsold.local

Arlington Democrats Sweep Local Elections, Help Win Democratic Victories in General Assembly

From Loudoun and Prince William to Henrico, Arlington Democrats Mobilized Voters to Deliver Democratic Victories in the Virginia House of Delegates & Senate

ARLINGTON, VA – The Arlington County Democratic Committee (“Arlington Democrats”) mobilized over a thousand volunteers to deliver key election victories in Arlington and throughout the Commonwealth. Arlington Democrats celebrated a complete sweep of all 13 races in Arlington County.

Below is a full list of all Arlington elections won by Democrats:

  1. State Senator Barbara Favola, District 40

  2. State Senator Adam Ebbin, District 39

  3. Delegate Patrick Hope, District 1

  4. Delegate-Elect Adele McClure, District 2

  5. Delegate Alfonso Lopez, District 3

  6. County Board Member-Elect Maureen Coffey

  7. County Board Member-Elect Susan Cunnigham

  8. School Board Member-Elect Miranda Turner

  9. Commonwealth Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti

  10. Sheriff-Elect Jose Quiroz

  11. Clerk of Court Paul Ferguson

  12. Commissioner of Revenue-Elect Kim Klingler

  13. Treasurer Carla de la Pava

“I love Arlington so much and, as a member of the County Board, I’ll fight for progressive policies that lift everyone up and contribute to the smart growth of our community,” said Arlington County Board Member-Elect Maureen Coffey. “I’m grateful to all of the Arlington voters who placed their trust in me, and I look forward to getting to work on their behalf to ensure Arlington continues to be the best place to live and raise a family.”

“I am so grateful to neighbors across Arlington who shared their stories, hopes, and concerns during the campaign,” said Arlington County Board Member-Elect Susan Cunningham. “I am ready to hit the ground running, putting my executive experience and common-sense leadership to work for all of Arlington. Together we will get housing and planning right, reconnect our community, and ensure a responsive and efficient government.”

Locally, Arlington Democrats delivered 70,000 mailers and mobilized 675 volunteers on Election Day in polling locations across the county.

Beyond Arlington Helps Secure Statewide Democratic Wins

“Volunteers from Arlington Democrats traveled across the Commonwealth to safeguard Virginia’s abortion protections,” said Arlington Democrats Chair Steve Baker. “Governor Youngkin has been working to pass an abortion ban. If Republicans had won a trifecta, he would have succeeded. Arlington Democrats are proud to stand with the majority of Virginians in opposing restrictions on reproductive rights.”

Arlington Democrats engaged in over 40 days of canvassing, made thousands of phone calls, and sent over 18,000 postcards to voters across the Commonwealth to ensure victories in the House of Delegates and keep the State Senate.

Below is a list of all Virginia legislative elections that Beyond Arlington volunteers helped win or remain competitive for Democrats:

  1. State Senator Monty Mason, District 24

  2. State Senator-Elect Joel Griffin, District 27

  3. State Senator-Elect Danica Roem, District 30

  4. State Senator-Elect Russet Perry, District 31

  5. Delegate-Elect Josh Thomas, District 21

  6. Delegate-Elect Marty Martinez, District 29

  7. Delegate-Elect Josh Cole, District 65

“Grassroots organizing works,” Beyond Arlington Chair Kip Malinosky said. “Democrats win when we’re talking about issues that matter: abortion rights, voting rights, and gun safety. I’m proud that we played a role in helping Democrats win across the state.”


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