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Cristol, Dorsey win Dem Primary for County Board

Katie Cristol and Christian Dorsey have won the Democratic Party primary, becoming the Arlington County Democratic Committee’s (ACDC) nominees for the November election for Arlington County Board.

Katie Cristol won 4,476 (22.5%) of the 19,932 votes cast for County Board candidates, and Christian Dorsey won 4,420 (22.2%). Votes cast for other candidates were: Peter Fallon, 4,007 (20.1%); Andrew Schneider, 3,536 (17.7%); James Lander; 2,806 (14%); and Bruce Wiljanen 687 (3.4%). The total number of voters was 10,857; voters could vote for two candidates.

Kip Malinosky, Chair of ACDC said, “Katie Cristol has a passion for engaging a new generation in local government, and Christian Dorsey is committed to revitalizing small businesses, and both are dedicated to excellence in our schools and improving housing affordability. We are thrilled to have these two outstanding nominees represent our progressive values and Democratic party in Arlington.”

Katie Cristol said: “I’m honored to earn the support and nomination of Arlington County Democrats, and extend my thanks to the party, my tireless team of supporters, and all who participated in today’s election and cast their ballots for Arlington’s future. It’s been a pleasure to campaign alongside Christian, Peter, James, Andrew and Bruce. We are looking forward to November.”

Katie is a policy professional and community advocate for women, families and students, running to bring new perspectives and renewed energy to the Arlington community.

She is an appointed member of the Arlington Commission on the Status of Women; as the Commission’s Research and Investigation Chair, she led the development of a major research report on the issues affecting women and girls in the Arlington community. As an education policy consultant, Katie works with schools and advocacy groups across the county seeking to improve academic and life outcomes for students. She also serves on the Arlington Public Schools Advisory Council on Instruction, and is a longtime volunteer at Randolph Elementary School in South Arlington.

Christian Dorsey said: “I am grateful to the voters for placing their trust in me to serve as a Democratic nominee for County Board. I congratulate Katie Cristol on her nomination and look forward to a general election campaign where we offer a vision for Arlington that will overcome our challenges and lead to an even brighter future.”

Christian has spent substantial periods of his career working to improve our Arlington community. He had the privilege of serving as executive director of The Reading Connection, promoting literacy development for children facing housing insecurity. He also led the Bonder and Amanda Johnson Community Development Corporation, which provided essential community services and jump-started a moderate-income housing development in the Nauck neighborhood.

Christian has had the privilege of serving Arlington community as a volunteer, including serving on the boards of directors of the Arlington Free Clinic, A-SPAN, Leadership Arlington, and Arlington Independent Media, chairing the Committee of 100, and serving on County Board advisory commissions (Tenant-Landlord, chairman; Planning, member). He is a senior executive at the Economic Policy Institute.

On Wednesday, June 10 at 7pm, ACDC hosts a Democratic Unity Event with all six County Board candidates and their supporters to officially endorse the two winning nominees.


Democratic Primary – Tuesday June 9th

Today Tuesday June 9th, Arlington voters will choose two candidates to run as Democrats for the Arlington County Board in November. Some Arlington residents will also have the chance to vote for the Democratic nominee for the 45th House of Delegates District. (Do I live in the 45th?) Voting will be at your normal polling location. The polls are open from 6am to 7pm.

Where do I vote?

Who are the candidates?

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ACDC Announces Important Spring Election Dates

Arlington, VA — May 4, 2015 — The Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) announces the following important dates related to elections this spring.  Candidate statements.

Monday May 18th is the last day to register to vote in the June 9th primary.  Information on how to register.

Absentee voting has begun.  Hours and location.

ACDC sponsored County Board debates will be held:
•    Thurs. May 21st, 7-9pm, Glebe Elementary School, 1770 N. Glebe Rd.
•    Mon. June 1st, 7-9pm, Campbell Elementary School, 737 S. Carlin Springs Rd.

The Democratic primary election for County Board will be held Tuesday June 9th; voters cast ballots at their regular polling locations between 6am-7pm.

All these events and more are listed on the ACDC calendar.

Reid Goldstein

Reid Goldstein Wins School Board Caucus

Arlington, VA – May 16, 2015 — The Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) announces that Reid Goldstein won the ACDC School Board Caucus, earning the ACDC endorsement for this fall’s election. Reid Goldstein received 1,252 votes; Sharon Dorsey received 648 votes.

Arlington County Democratic Chairman Kip Malinosky issued the following statement:
“We are proud to endorse Reid. He has demonstrated leadership on educational issues and in the larger community. Reid will not only be a great voice for balancing the needs of school facilities, but also for improving instruction for all of Arlington’s students.“

Reid Goldstein stated: “I am grateful for and humbled by the support of so many Arlingtonians, and I appreciate the work of the Arlington County Democratic Committee in making this possible. I want to thank my wife and daughters for their patience and support, as well as my campaign team for their outstanding hard work. I thank Sharon Dorsey for a positive, thoughtful and energetic campaign, and Abby Raphael for her years of service to Arlington families. Arlington has an outstanding public school system. We face the challenge of growing enrollment as families are drawn to Arlington by our tradition of excellent education. We must maintain that excellence going forward as we work to close the achievement gap, provide for growing enrollment, and ensure openness and respect for diversity. I look forward to working with Arlington Democrats in the November election campaign, and hope to earn election to the School Board to work for our schools for the next four years.”

Reid Goldstein is a 30-year resident of Arlington with a deep commitment to public education. He and his wife are both products of public schools, and he attended the public university in New York. He is the son of two public school teachers, and the father of two Arlington Public Schools (APS) graduates. One of his daughters, a graduate of the Virginia public university system (VCU), is a pre-school teacher; the other currently attends VCU and is planning to become a teacher.

2015 School Board Caucus

Voting begins tonight in the Arlington Dems 2015 School Board Caucus, a firehouse primary open to all Arlington Democrats.

ACDC’s two School Board Caucuses will be held:

Thursday, May 14, 7pm-9pm at Drew Model School
Saturday, May 16, 11am-7pm at Washington Lee HS

Click here to read ACDC’s Rules for the 2015 School Board Endorsement.

The candidates, in ballot order, are listed below with links to their websites, social media, and their campaign statements.

Reid Goldstein

Reid Goldstein
Website | Facebook | Twitter

My name is Reid Goldstein. I am running for Arlington School Board to bring 20 years of leadership and community experience in Arlington County to the challenges facing our expanding school system. My long history of active participation in school and County activities is directly relevant to the challenge of ensuring that APS maintains its high standards in the future.

As the son of two teachers and the father of two APS graduates, I pledge to use everything I have learned from 20 years of activism to provide collaborative leadership worthy of Arlington’s students, parents, educators and all our residents.

Through years of deep commitment to community service, I have learned the operations and know the elected and community leaders of both our schools and the county government — not just to “work the system,” but to improve how our government and schools work.

  • I served on the APS Advisory Council on Instruction, Superintendent’s Strategic Planning Committee and the County Council of PTAs in collaborative and leadership roles, nurturing students’ growth while challenging them for greater achievement.
  • As president of the HB Woodlawn Parent Advisory Committee, I promoted parent involvement through continuous flow of relevant information to parents and feedback to school officials, including reviving the county-wide APS Family Network.
  • As a member of the Exemplary Project committee that recommended adoption of the International Baccalaureate program at Jefferson Middle School, I saw close-up how challenging academic programs transform schools, spark the passion for learning, and raise achievement for all.
  • My work for Arlington Schools was recognized by APS’ Most Honored Citizen award in 2011.
  • As a civic association president and member of the Housing Commission, Affordable Housing Task Force, CPRO board, NCAC and Columbia Pike Land Use and Housing Working Group, I have advocated for our neighborhoods for over 20 years, promoting the values of inclusion, sustainability and quality of life that we Arlington Democrats share.

I have the experience to lead the transition to a new era for Arlington schools, welcoming new students and families while maintaining Arlington’s signature feature: high quality schools!

  • APS is challenged by dramatic enrollment growth, and must compete with County priorities for land and funding. I have the experience to help the School Board and County Board to act jointly, rather than in parallel.
  • While we build more classrooms, we cannot lose focus on what goes on inside them. I will maintain the high academic standards and performance that the community expects.
  • I will maintain competitive teacher compensation. I will not balance budgets on the backs of our skilled and dedicated teachers and staff.
  • I will provide the resources to secure an exceptional future: close the achievement gap, promote STEM, advance foreign language instruction including FLES, support early childhood education, and realize effective integration of technology.

My website is I am asking for your vote at the ACDC endorsement caucus, May 14 and 16. Thank you in advance for your support!

Sharon Dorsey

Sharon Dorsey
Website | Facebook | Twitter

I’m Sharon Dorsey and I’m running for School Board because I believe every child in Arlington deserves a chance to succeed. I don’t need to tell you that, here in Arlington, we’re at a crossroads on many issues and there’s a lot of work to be done in our schools and for our children.

In the next few years, School Board members are going to be grappling with the issues of overcrowding in our classrooms and tight budgets constraints. We need a leader on the Board who doesn’t shy away from difficult decisions, who can build consensus, and bring new ideas to the table and find solutions that work for all of Arlington’s children. I promise to be that candidate.

I’ve lived in Arlington for 32 years. I know firsthand how great Arlington’s schools are. My two children, Samantha and Jack, both attended Arlington Public Schools and are now settling into the community so their kids can grow up in our schools.

I’m a former teacher and today I’m still teaching reading and writing through the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. I have 30 years of business experience that I will bring with me to help manage our budget and fiscally stay on track.

Arlington’s schools are great, but we can do better.

We need to bring schools and the community together to deal with overcrowding and establish a sustainable plan for growth that puts education first and works for students, parents and the entire Arlington Community.

We need to make sure tax dollars are spent efficiently and wisely on programs that focus on classroom learning. The vast majority of our taxpayers don’t have children in our schools. We need to be proactive communicators and always be accountable for each dollar invested.

We need to keep class sizes so every student can get personalized, quality education and we need to give teachers the support, training and tools they need so our students have a quality learning environment.

We need to strengthen STEM programs by investing in science and technology along with art, music and writing programs. We need more hands-on learning opportunities in and out of the classroom so our kids can gain real world skills beyond textbook learning.

I promise to roll up my sleeves and tackle the hard decisions head on so every child in Arlington’s schools can get the very best education we can offer.

I would be honored to have your support on May 14 and 16. Together, we can create better schools for all of Arlington’s kids. For more information, please visit


ACDC Announces Debate Dates

Arlington, VA – The Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) and the Arlington Young Democrats will host a number of debates for candidates seeking the Democratic endorsement for Arlington School Board and to become the Democratic nominees for Arlington County Board. They are:

School Board Debate

  • Wednesday April 1st, 7pm-9pm, Fairlington Community Center, 3308 S. Stafford St.
  • Friday April 24th, 7pm, NRECA Building, 4301 Wilson Blvd.

County Board Debates

  • Wednesday April 15th, 7pm-9pm, NRECA, 4301 Wilson Blvd. — Hosted by the Arlington Young Democrats
  • Wednesday May 6th, 7pm-9pm, NRECA, 4301 Wilson Blvd — During the monthly ACDC meeting
  • Thursday May 21st, 7pm-9pm, Glebe Elementary School, 1770 N. Glebe Rd.
  • Monday June 1st, 7pm-9pm, Campbell Elementary School, 737 S. Carlin Springs Rd.

ACDC’s School Board Caucus will be held:

  • Thursday May 14th, 7pm-9pm, Drew Model School, 3500 23rd St. S.
  • Saturday May 16th, 11am-7pm, Washington Lee High School, 1301 N. Stafford St.

The Democratic primary election for County Board will be held Tuesday June 9; voters cast ballots at their regular polling locations between 6am-7pm.

All these events are listed on the ACDC calendar available here:


Report From Chairman Kip Malinosky

Democrats – Champions of Everyday Americans

It’s fantastic to hear Republicans as conservative as presidential contenders Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and even Ted Cruz talk about income inequality. Three years ago Mitt Romney said that this should only be a subject for quiet rooms. Now almost every Republican presidential candidate agrees that income inequality is a major problem. But the Republicans stop at talk. They blame President Obama for increasing inequality (ignoring that the Affordable Care Act reduces inequality) and call for still more tax cuts mostly benefiting the rich.

President Obama has welcomed Republicans campaigning on income inequality, but that talk is not enough. In a speech to the DNC, Obama said, “You can’t put forward proposals that give more tax breaks to the folks who are doing the best and millionaires and billionaires, and then propose more cuts to the very programs that help working Americans get ahead.” Yet this is exactly what Republicans are proposing at all levels.

Continue reading…


Report From Chairman Kip Malinosky

Why Housing Affordability Matters to All

One of the most critical issues of our time is housing affordability. It is indispensable to realizing Arlington’s vision of an inclusive, sustainable and world-class community. From Singapore to San Francisco, from Paris to New York cities that have good jobs, great schools, and low crime rates almost always face an affordable housing crisis. Arlington is no exception, despite our county’s award-winning efforts to preserve market-rate affordable housing, our supply has sharply declined. According to a recently released study, affordable housing units have dropped from 23,500 units in 2000 to 10,000 units in 2013, due primarily to increasing rents.

Everyone is affected when a city stops being affordable to a diverse array of residents. Housing affordability is fundamental to allow seniors to age in place, young professionals just to start their careers and working-class employees to live near where they work. Single family homes in Arlington are already too expensive for middle-class families. If present trends continue, people in all these categories will no longer be able to live in Arlington. The loss is not only for those directly impacted, but it also affects the larger community. Why?

Continue reading…


ACDC Announces Confirmed Nominees

Arlington, VA – The Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) has confirmed the following nominees for the Tuesday November 3, 2015 election:

  • Clerk of the Circuit Court: Paul Ferguson
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney: Theo Stamos
  • Commissioner of Revenue: Ingrid Morroy
  • Sheriff: Beth Arthur
  • Treasurer: Carla de la Pava
  • VA Senate, District 30: Adam Ebbin
  • VA Senate, District 31: Barbara Favola
  • VA Senate, District 32: Janet Howell
  • VA House of Delegates, 47th District: Patrick Hope
  • VA House of Delegates, 48th District: Rip Sullivan
  • VA House of Delegates, 49th District: Alfonso Lopez
  • Nominees for two positions on the Arlington County Board and for VA House of Delegates, 45th District will be determined in a June 9 primary. Candidates are:

    County Board (in alphabetical order):

  • Katie Cristol
  • Christian Dorsey
  • Peter Fallon
  • James Lander
  • Andrew Schneider
  • Bruce Wiljanen
  • VA House of Delegates, 45th District (in alphabetical order):

  • Larry Altenburg
  • Craig Fifer
  • Julie Jakopic
  • Mark Levine
  • Clarence Tong
  • Kip Malinosky submitted verification of the nominees for Arlington County Board to the Virginia Department of Elections at 5:01pm EDT today.

    The Democratic primary election for County Board will be held Tuesday June 9; voters cast ballots at their regular polling locations between 6am-7pm.

    ACDC also added a third school board debate to the roster; it will take place Friday, April 24th, 7pm-9pm at NRECA, 4301 Wilson Blvd.

    Debate, caucus, and other important dates are listed on the ACDC calendar.


    Candidates Begin Filing with ACDC for County Board and Constitutional Offices

    Tonight at 5pm, Kip Malinosky, Chair of the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC), began accepting filings from Democratic candidates for the Arlington County Board and five constitutional offices.

    Candidates who filed simultaneously at 5pm were:

    • County Board (in alphabetical order):
      • Katie Cristol
      • Christian Dorsey
      • Peter Fallon
      • Andrew Schneider
    • Treasurer: Carla de la Pava
    • Commonwealth’s Attorney: Theo Stamos
    • Sheriff: Beth Arthur
    • Clerk of the Circuit Court: Paul Ferguson

    “This will be an exciting year for Arlington,” said Malinosky. “We have exceptional public servants standing again for their offices, and we have exciting candidates running to be first-time County Board members. This blend of excellent and experienced constitutional officers with new and dynamic county board candidates will help Arlington stay one of the best places in the country to live, raise a family and start a business.”

    Later this month the Registrar will hold a drawing to determine ballot order for both the June 9th County Board primary and the November 3rd general election. Candidates who signed an attendance roster between 4:15-5pm, prior to filing, were deemed to file simultaneously.

    Candidates may file with Kip Malinosky through 5pm on Thursday March 26th; to schedule a time please contact Kip at Candidates are encouraged to file early so they may correct any errors or supplement any incomplete filings before the deadline. If any filing is determined to be incomplete, ACDC will deem that campaign to have filed only when the filing is complete.  ACDC will certify all candidates with the State Board of Election on Thursday, March 31st.

    Candidacy requirements are here:

    Candidates wishing to file for seats in the Virginia Senate or House of Delegates that represent all or parts of Arlington should submit their filings to the appropriate nominating chairs before 5pm on Thursday March 26th. Information is available by emailing Three Senate seats and four House of Delegate seats are on the ballot this fall, listed below with their current office holders:

    • VA Senate, District 30: Adam Ebbin
    • VA Senate, District 31: Barbara Favola
    • VA Senate, District 32: Janet Howell
    • VA House of Delegates, 45th District: Rob Krupicka
    • VA House of Delegates, 487h District: Patrick Hope
    • VA House of Delegates, 48th District: Rip Sullivan
    • VA House of Delegates, 49th District: Alfonso Lopez