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Van Doren and Talento Win School Board Endorsement

Arlington, VA – May 21, 2016 — The Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) announces that Nancy Van Doren and Tannia Talento won the ACDC School Board Caucus, earning ACDC endorsement for this fall’s election. We had four great candidates and thank Michael Shea and Chaz Crismons who ran vigorous campaigns.

Nancy Van Doren received a 959 votes out of 1,822 votes in the first round earning a majority (53 percent) and our first endorsement; in the second round, Tannia Talento received 1,203 of the redistributed votes. Both winners were endorsed by a majority of Arlington Democratic voters using instant runoff voting for each. Full results are listed below:

Arlington County Democratic Chairman Kip Malinosky issued the following statement:

“Nancy is already a terrific Vice Chair of the School Board and we are honored to endorse her. Tannia Talento will bring a valuable new voice for creative solutions and closing the achievement gap. Nancy and Tannia are excellent choices for the School Board. We encourage all voters to vote for them and the full Democratic ticket on November 8th.”

For more information on the candidates, visit the campaigns websites:

Full results (Explanation of ACDC’s official counting process is here, page 11)

Chaz Crismon Michael Shea Tannia Talento Nancy Van Doren Undetermined
1st Round 93 217 460 959 93
2nd Round 155 384 1,203 80

ACDC School Board Caucus – May 19 & 21

Four candidates – Chaz Crismon, Michael Shea, Tannia Talento, and Nancy Van Doren – are seeking the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) endorsement for two seats on the School Board.

ACDC will hold an unassembled caucus on Thursday, May 19, 2016, (7 p.m. to 9 p.m.) at Drew Model School and Saturday, May 21, 2016 (11 a.m. to 7 p.m.) at Washington-Lee High School.

The caucus will allow for instant run-off voting for both seats. Instead of voting a single choice, voters will be asked to rank their candidates in order of preference. Votes are then tallied by preference until a candidate receives more than 50% of votes. More information about this process can be read in the complete Caucus rules are here.

You can find statements and links to candidate websites and social media here.



County Board Debate – NEW LOCATION

On Wednesday, May 4th as part of its regular meeting, ACDC will host a debate between County Board primary candidates Libby Garvey (incumbent) and Erik Gutshall.

This event has been moved to a new location. It will now be held at
Founders Hall Auditorium
George Mason University – Arlington Campus
3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22201


ACDC Blue Victory Dinner, April 16

Join the Arlington County Democratic Committee at the Westin Arlington Gateway for our revamped Blue Victory Dinner on Saturday, April 16th! This year’s premier event will feature guest speakers Congressman Don Beyer and Lt. Governor Ralph Northam! We will also recognize the hard work of our volunteers over the past year and get ready for a Blue Victory in 2016!

The VIP reception starts at 6pm, with dinner to be served at 7pm. Our dinner this year will consist of a duo plate of beef short ribs and pan-seared fish.

Get your tickets here:

The Westin Arlington Gateway is located at 801 N Glebe St., Arlington, VA 22203.

beyerNortham for Governor Photo

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Arlington Democratic Turnout Map

Primary Voting Analysis Maps

Explore voter turnout by party and candidate in Arlington. How did Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders do in your precinct? What happened with Republicans in Arlington? Find out the answers to these questions and more with these maps.


Arlington Democratic Convention

Following the March 1, 2016 primary, the next step toward the DNC convention in Philadelphia, PA, is a caucus in Arlington to select our 70 delegates and 17 alternates to the 8th District Convention (May 14, 2016 in Fairfax) and the Virginia State Democratic Convention ( June 18, 2016 in Richmond). To become a delegate or alternate, you must fill out and submit the attached filing form to ACDC Secretary Charley Conrad. The form must be received by no later than 5:00pm on April 11, 2016.

Click to view:
Complete Rules | Call to Caucus | Filing Form


VA Primary Results

Virginia Democrats have now had their say and we congratulate Hillary Clinton on her victory in today’s primary! And we thank Bernie Sanders as well for continuing to run a strong, issue-focused campaign.

As Democrats, we can be extremely proud of our candidates. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are shining a spotlight on the issues that really matter—issues like income inequality, climate change, health care, and education. And they are offering positive ideas to help keep our country moving forward. Their inclusive, welcoming vision for America inspires us all to be the best we can be. With strong candidates like these we can’t help but be excited for November!

But Virginians also voted overwhelmingly today for Donald Trump and he is well on his way to winning the Republican nomination for president. With his victories tonight, Donald Trump is increasingly likely to be the GOP nominee.

To that we say, game on! The contrast between our progressive candidates and Mr. Trump could not be clearer. His views are far outside the mainstream of American politics. While our candidates appeal to our best hopes and dreams, Mr. Trump appeals to America’s baser fears. With a message consistent with America’s real values, our Democratic candidates are generating excitement without resorting to insults, dirty tricks, fear tactics, or reality TV-style sensationalism.

Over the next six months, we will have our work cut out for us. We cannot take this election for granted. We are going to fight for every vote. But we know this: Whether our standard bearer is Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, we are ready to win in November! Tonight, it feels good to be a Democrat!


Presidential Primary, March 1

The Presidential Democratic Primary will be held Tuesday, March 1st. Voting will occur at your normal polling location.

Are you ready to vote? Here is what you need to vote on Tuesday:

Additional voter info can be found here.


Presidential Primary Voter Registration Deadline – 2/8

Are you registered to vote? The last day to register for Virginia’s March 1st Presidential Primary is February 8th.

With the deadline for March 1st voting only days away, we want to make sure that every single Virginia Democrat casts a ballot on Super Tuesday.

Ready to register? Click here to begin your application, and be ready to vote on Super Tuesday!