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Rip Sullivan Wins Big in the 48th!

The Arlington County Democratic Committee is pleased to announce that Rip Sullivan has decisively won the Special Election in Virginia’s 48th District. In Arlington he won almost 63% of the 8,159 votes cast. He will replace Delegate Bob Brink who served more than 16 years representing the District in the House of Delegates in Richmond.

Rip has served our region on numerous boards and commissions, and has extensive experience in transportation, housing, education, and legal policy. His appointments include the Fairfax Consumer Protection Commission, Fairfax Transportation Advisory Commission, Fairfax Housing and Redevelopment Authority, and Fairfax Park Authority. He also served as president of the Legal Services of Northern Virginia, a non-profit institution providing legal services to low-income residents.

“Rip Sullivan’s decisive victory is a validation of the strong Democratic values held by the residents of the 48th District,” said Kip Malinosky, ACDC’s Chair. “Rip will go to Richmond and give our district a powerful voice on votes about the Commonwealth’s Medicaid expansion, gun safety laws, energy and environment investments, fair wage policies, transportation, equal rights, and of course education. Despite the best efforts of the Republicans, our voters made it clear that Rip Sullivan was the overwhelming choice in the 48th District.”

Washington Post Endorses Rip Sullivan for Delegate

The Washington Post recently endorsed Rip Sullivan for Delegate.

“Mr. Sullivan has taken forthright stances in favor of stricter gun control and insuring hundreds of thousands of Virginians by expanding Medicaid and against regulating abortion clinics out of existence. Bright, even-keeled and civic-minded, he has been heavily involved in promoting legal services for the poor, voting rights and affordable housing, among other issues.”

Read the full endorsement here.

For more information and to find out if you live in the district, visit

Rip Sullivan for the 48th

On Tuesday, August 19th, District 48 of the Virginia House of Delegates is holding a special election to fill the seat vacated by Delegate Bob Brink. A Democratic caucus was held on July 6 with seven candidates, and Richard “Rip” Sullivan Rip Sullivan was the winning candidate. Find out if you live in the 48th District here (Click Districts after the search).

It is critical to elect our Democratic Nominee Rip Sullivan on August 19th. The voting will be at your regular November polling place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you will be out of town on August 19, you can vote absentee-in-person at 2100 Clarendon, Suite 320 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday, August 16, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can print an absentee voter application here.

Why is it important to elect Rip Sullivan? Rip will be a champion for the causes and values which voters in the 48th District hold dear. He knows that government works best when we are represented by leaders who believe we are all in this together. He will bring the same type of dedicated, practical and progressive service that Delegate Brink did for the last 17 years. Rip is already a community leader with extensive government experience. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Gov. Tim Kaine appointed him to the Virginia Commission on Civics Education.
  • He served on the Transportation Advisory Commission.
  • He is a former President of Legal Services of Northern Virginia, a non-profit which serves low-income residents.
  • He is a board member of the Park Authority.
  • He served on the Consumer Protection Commission.
  • He is former Vice-Chair of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority.

On issue after issue, Rip has relevant expertise and a commitment to move Virginia forward. He will work with the Governor and Arlington’s Richmond delegation to make progress on the following issues:

  • Closing the coverage gap, by finally expanding Medicaid.
  • Reducing testing in our schools and increasing investment to prevent overcrowding.
  • Promoting common sense gun safety, like limiting gun purchases to one per month.
  • Investing more in renewable energy and passing a mandatory renewable energy standard to spur further innovation and efficiency.
  • Raising Virginia’s minimum wage, while offering more support for small businesses.
  • Fully supporting marriage equality and letting women make their own reproductive health choices.

For all these reasons and more, vote for Rip Sullivan in the August 19, special election. And for more information please go or call him on his cell at (703) 969-6296.


de la Pava Sole Candidate for Treasurer Nomination

Arlington, VA – The Arlington County Democratic Committee announces that Carla de la Pava is the only candidate to file to seek the Democrats’ nomination to be the next Arlington County Treasurer. Because she was the only candidate to file by today’s deadline, de la Pava is now automatically on the agenda for formal nomination by ACDC at its regular meeting on August 6 (Fairlington Community Center, 3308 S. Stafford St.), and her endorsement is likely to be overwhelmingly approved.

Earlier this month, Frank O’Leary, who served for more than 30 years in the position, retired, triggering a special election to fill his unexpired term. Prior to that election, de la Pava was sworn in as Treasurer.

A special election to fulfill the remainder of the term (until December 2015) has been set for November 4th, when Arlingtonians will also vote for Democrats Mark Warner for U.S. Senator, Don Beyer for U.S. Congress VA-8, Alan Howze for Arlington County Board, and Barbara Kanninen for School Board. Nancy Van Doren is likely to be the Democratic endorsee for an additional Arlington County School Board seat in yet another special election the same day.

For the past six years, de la Pava served as Chief Deputy Treasurer under Frank O’Leary. During her tenure, Arlington’s tax delinquency rate was reduced to an all time low of less than 0.4%, helping to distinguish the Treasurer’s Office as one of the best in Virginia and the United States. She has an MBA from Harvard and a degree in Economics from Wesleyan University, and worked at Continental Bank of Illinois and The Price Company, which owned and operated Price Club (now Costco).

Carla has been actively involved in many community organizations including the Warren G. Stambaugh Memorial Foundation, the Arlington County Civic Federation and the Arlington Soccer Association. She is also a member of the Arlington Committee of 100, the Arlington Historical Society, the Better Sports Club of Arlington, Organized Women Voters and Leadership Arlington (Class of 2010). Although she unfortunately grew up in Alexandria, she did marry life-long Arlingtonian Mark Dola, and they have raised their three sons here.

For more information, visit the campaign website:

Quote from Frank O’Leary:
“After six years of excellent service to the Arlington County Treasurer’s Office and Arlington County citizens, Carla de la Pava is well prepared and highly qualified to be Arlington County Treasurer. Experience does count!”

Quote from Arlington County Democratic Chairman Kip Malinosky:
Carla de la Pava is the perfect person to be Arlington’s Treasurer. She has a passion for relating to people and working with money. And in addition, she has been learning from the best, Frank O’Leary, for the last six years.

Quote from Carla:
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of continuity in the Treasurer’s Office and I am committed to continuing the office’s tradition of excellence. It will be an honor and privilege to receive ACDC’s nomination and to run for Arlington County Treasurer in the special election on November 4th.

Because only one candidate filed to be the Democrats’ choice in the School Board and Treasurer special elections, ACDC’s announced Caucus on August 4th is now canceled.


Van Doren Sole Candidate for School Board Endorsement

Nancy Van Doren Sole Candidate for Arlington County Democratic Committee Endorsement for Arlington County School Board Special Election

Arlington, VA – The Arlington County Democratic Committee announces that Nancy Van Doren is the only candidate to file to seek the Democrats’ endorsement to fill the Arlington School Board seat being vacated by Noah Simon this November. Earlier this month, Simon announced his intention to resign effective August 1.

Van Doren recently finished a close second to Barbara Kanninen in securing the Democrats’ endorsement in the May 2014 ACDC School Board caucus (1,812 to 1,794). Because she was the only candidate to file by today’s deadline for an August 4 “firehouse primary,” Van Doren is now automatically on the agenda for formal endorsement by ACDC at its regular meeting on August 6 (Fairlington Community Center, 3308 S. Stafford St.), and her endorsement is likely to be overwhelmingly approved. Earlier this month, the third candidate in May’s caucus, Greg Greeley, endorsed Van Doren for this fall’s election.

An Arlington Public Schools Honored Citizen in 2011, Van Doren served on the county’s Multi-Modal Transportation and Student Safety Special Committee, Arlington Career Center Parent Advisory Committee, Family and Community Engagement Working Group, and ADHD Task Force. She also served as chair of the Arlington Special Education Advisory Committee, on the steering committee of the Evaluation of Services for Students with Special Needs Committee, and on the Advisory Council on Instruction and County Council of PTAs.

She also has been an active community leader, founding ArlingtonADHD and ArlingtonReading parent support groups and the Arlington Latino Network, organizing the Latino Education Summit, and working with the Safe Busing Now Coalition. Van Doren is married to Jack Zetkulic, an international consultant and educator. Their four children have attended Arlington Public Schools. Van Doren served as president of the Jefferson Middle School PTA and on the Washington-Lee Crew Boosters.

For more information, visit the campaign website:

Arlington County Democratic Chairman Kip Malinosky issued the following statement: “Nancy Van Doren is a strong leader who has worked in all areas of education to improve Arlington schools for students, parents, and our community. She will bring great expertise and experience to our School Board as well as a passion for engaging the larger community. I look forward to having her join our Democratic ticket this fall.”

“I am honored to have this opportunity to run for School Board with the endorsement of the Arlington Democrats. I look forward to the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting on August 6, when the Democratic endorsement will be officially affirmed,” said Van Doren. “I pledge to bring the same level of enthusiasm and commitment through to the general election November 4 and thank all of my supporters for their continuing efforts on behalf of my candidacy.”

The election for Simon’s vacated seat is expected to be held on the same day as the regular November election, in which Kanninen already has the Democrats’ endorsement for a full-term seat. Thus, Kanninen and Van Doren would both have the Democrats’ endorsement in their respective, separate races.

The announced August 4 caucus was to have decided both this School Board endorsement as well as the Democrats’ nomination in the special election for Arlington County Treasurer. The deadline to file for the Democrats’ nomination for Treasurer is Friday, July 25. At the time of this release, only one candidate, Carla de la Pava, has filed for Treasurer. If no other candidates file by the deadline, the August 4 caucus will be cancelled.


Arlington Democrats Caucus for two vacancies

The Arlington County Democratic Committee will hold an unassembled caucus (firehouse primary) on Monday night, August 4, 2014 to nominate and endorse candidates to fill two vacancies. Treasurer Frank O’Leary resigned effective July 7. School Board Member Noah Simon is resigning effective August 1. Special Elections will be called by the Arlington County Circuit Court likely on the same date as the general election November 4. We are expecting political parties to be required to submit a nominee for Treasurer by August 15 at 5pm, which will also be the deadline for School Board filing. Therefore, the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) is calling for a Caucus on Monday, August 4 to both nominate a candidate for Treasurer and endorse a candidate for School Board.

The Treasurer and School Board Unassembled Caucus (firehouse primary) will be held at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center 3501, 2nd St S, Arlington, VA 22204, Monday, August 4 from 6:00pm-9:00pm.

Click here to read the Call to Caucus.

Click here to read the Caucus Rules.

The filing deadline for the School Board endorsement is Friday, July 18 at 9:00pm. The filing deadline for the Treasurer’s nomination is Friday, July 25 at 9:00pm. If fewer than two people file for each race the Caucus will be canceled.

Click here for the School Board Caucus Candidate filing form.

Click here for the Treasurer’s Caucus Candidate filing form.


Sullivan Wins 48th District Nomination

Arlington, VA – Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr. has been elected the Democratic nominee for the Virginia 48th District special election to fill the House of Delegates seat being vacated by Bob Brink. Brink resigned to take the position as Deputy Commissioner for Aging Services at the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services in Virginia.

Arlington and Fairfax Democrats hosted an unassembled caucus Sunday, July 6th to select a candidate for the special election set for August 19th. The caucus was held at two locations — at Yorktown High School in Arlington and at McLean High School in McLean — with 2,126 voters.

The caucus employed Instant Runoff Voting when no candidate initially secured more than 50 percent of the votes cast. Five rounds were needed to determine the winner. Sullivan won with 53 percent of the vote in round five.

Initial voting totals were:
Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr.: 905
Paul A. Holland: 385
Andrew F. Schneider: 327
David A. Boling: 209
Atima Omara-Alwala: 159
Yasmine P. Taeb: 77
Jacqueline H. Wilson: 55

After Wilson’s votes were reallocated to her voters’ second choice, totals were:
Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr.: 913
Paul A. Holland: 390
Andrew F. Schneider: 336
David A. Boling: 217
Atima Omara-Alwala: 174
Yasmine P. Taeb: 88

After Taeb’s votes were reallocated, totals were:
Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr.: 940
Paul A. Holland: 399
Andrew F. Schneider: 345
David A. Boling: 227
Atima Omara-Alwala: 204

After Omara-Alwala’s votes were reallocated, totals were:
Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr.: 1,013
Paul A. Holland: 441
Andrew F. Schneider: 378
David A. Boling: 267

After Boling’s votes were reallocated, totals were:
Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr.: 1,111
Paul A. Holland: 523
Andrew F. Schneider: 444

44 votes were eliminated during the process when they could not be reallocated to remaining candidates.

Rip has been widely recognized as a leader in our community, as reflected in his appointments to numerous Northern Virginia boards and commissions. His appointments include the Fairfax Consumer Protection Commission, Transportation Advisory Commission, the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, and the Park Authority. Additionally, Rip has served as president of the Legal Services of Northern Virginia, a non-profit institution providing legal services to low-income residents. Rip is also a former member of the Board of Governors for the Virginia Bar Association. For more information on Sullivan, visit the campaign website:

Arlington County Democratic Chairman Kip Malinosky issued the following statement regarding the vote:
“Despite Speaker Bill Howell scheduling an August 19 special election which required a July 7 filing deadline, Democrats in Arlington and Fairfax showed up in impressive numbers to volunteer and vote during a holiday weekend. We had seven passionate and incredibly well organized candidates who pulled together great campaigns in just six days.

“In Rip Sullivan, we have an excellent successor to Bob Brink who will continue to fight for Democratic principles in Virginia, including against voter disenfranchisement and for Medicaid expansion, immigration reform, and common sense gun reform. These issues are important to the voters in the 48th District, and all Democrats in Virginia, and we are confident Democrats in Arlington and Fairfax will come together to make their voices heard loudly again on August 19th.”


48th House of Delegates District Dem Caucus

Arlington and Fairfax Dems will host an unassembled caucus this Sunday, July 6th, to select a candidate for the special election on August 19th. This special election date has been set to replace Delegate Bob Brink in the 48th House of Delegates District after his resignation last week.

Learn more about the candidates here.

Watch Saturday’s candidates debate here.

Locations and Times:

Arlington voters – 11am to 7pm, at Yorktown High School cafeteria (5200 N. Yorktown Boulevard, Arlington)

Fairfax voters – 12pm to 6pm at McLean High School cafeteria (1633 Davidson Rd, McLean, Westmoreland Street entrance).

* Note, voters can choose either location.

Call to Caucus / Rules:

Virginia voters registered in the 48th House of Delegates District no later than July 2, 2014, will be allowed to vote. The caucus will be unassembled, meaning a “firehouse primary” style of voting (show up, vote, leave). Voting will be conducted using preference voting (ranked order balloting) as in prior Arlington Dems caucuses this year.

Click here to determine if you live in the 48th, or view a map of the 48th. You can also click here to download a spreadsheet of the included precincts.

Read the full Call to Caucus here.

Read the Draft Caucus Rules here. Rules will be finalized on July 3 by 11pm.

Candidate Filing:

Candidates wishing to seek the nomination of the caucus must be filed by 9pm on July 2nd.

Click here to download the candidacy filing form. Instructions for filing can be found in the rules.


Voter ID Requirements

Effective July 1, 2014, all Virginia voters are required to show a photo ID. Acceptable photo IDs include:

  • A Virginia driver’s license or DMV ID card
  • Any ID issued by the U.S. Government, Virginia Government or any Virginia local government, provided it contains a photograph. Examples include:
    • Passport
    • Military ID
    • Naturalization certificate
    • Arlington Senior ID issued by the Sheriff’s Office (see below)
    • An employer photo ID with photograph
    • A student ID card, with photograph, from any Virginia college or university
  • If you do not have any of the above forms of ID, beginning July 1, 2014, you can obtain a FREE photo ID for voting purposes only at the Office of Voter Registration (see address and contact information at bottom of page).

    Also, the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office provides free photo IDs to Arlington residents age 62 and older, by appointment only. Please call 703-228-7063 for additional information. These IDs are government-issued and acceptable for voting purposes.

    If you forget to bring ID to the polls, you can vote a provisional ballot, but that ballot will not be counted unless you provide the Electoral Board a copy of your valid ID by no later than noon on the Friday after the election.

    Arlington Voter ID Requirements